Monday, October 10, 2011

Hide "N' Seek

A couple of months ago I was walking around Treasure Island looking for something interesting to paint. Near John's Pass I found this old sailboat morned near a boat yard. I didn't have a good view of the sailboat because of all the mangroves that were in the way. There was this one small opening that had a dilapidated dock with boards pointing out towards the vessel. Old structures and old boats are always quite interesting to me so I set up my easel and began sketching the composition. The scene was backlit; creating a lot of vibrant yellow/green leaves in the mangroves. There was so much action in the mangroves that I needed to indicate the sailboat as a few simple larger shapes so it would be viewed separately. I think my favorite part of the painting is the old dock leading you onto the sailboat. Watercolor on Arches archival paper 16 x 12.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Barn at Rebel Haven

There is nothing like painting an old wooden barn. They have so many stories to tell. We don't get to see many interesting barns these days where I live. A lot of them have been taken down and sometimes replaced by concrete and metal structures. Thus I have to refer to some of my old photos. This barn was on the farm where I grew up and has sense been demolished. I used go to the barn and feed the animals everyday before going to school. Sometimes I went to school smelling like an old barn. I wanted to keep the painting mostly warm earth colors to show late autumn season. I threw some salt into the still wet pigments and watched it create crystal like features that I transformed into weeds. A little red cardinal sits on a branch waiting on the first snow. Wouldn't it be nice to keep these old barns around forever?