Thursday, January 24, 2013

Path To The River

I found a new park recently that is near my home in Florida. A path leads you through the park to the Econlockhatchee River near UCF. "River of Mounds" is the English translation for this Indian name. I heard about a wonderful view of the River that was accessible from this park. I didn't realize it was a mile long walk to get there. I put my backpack on with my painting supplies and headed off to the river. I got about half way there and decided it might be too late to hike all the way to the river and do a painting. I pulled out my paints and did this painting of the "Path to the River." I was intrigued by the palmetto plants along the path and the pine trees reaching into the sky. I finished the painting and then completed my hike. It was another half mile or so down to the river bank. It was an amazing site with the hugh cypress trees and the tea colored stream. The sun was starting to go below the trees so I took a few photos and hurried back to my car. I know the river will be there another day. I'll get an earlier start next time and do a painting of the Econlockhatchee River. Want to join me?