Saturday, September 6, 2014

Leu Gardens

Painting in Orlando's Leu Gardens is always a great place to enjoy day. There are plenty of flowers to enjoy year round. The Harry P. Leu Gardens are semi-tropical and tropical gardens. The gardens contain nearly 50 acres of landscaped grounds and lakes, with meandering trails shaded by 200 year-old oaks and forests of camellias. I enjoy painting in the Butterfly garden area. There is one are that they grow vegetables in and it has a nice building that offers shade while I paint. Lots of kids like to visit and they are always amazed to see an artist busy painting int the gardens. I have some of these paintings available at Dutch Door Antiques; just down the street from the gardens at 3106 Corrine Drive.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Wekiva Island Bar

I did a painting of the Wekiva Island Bar and posted it on this blog in October of 2013. I mentioned that the bar had burnt down. In less than six months the bar was completely rebuilt and opened again on the same spot. I created this painting for the contractor who built the bar. His only request for this painting was that I include his motorcycle in the painting. That's his Harley in the front along with the bikes of some of the other patrons that frequent this fine establishment. The owners of the bar do a lot to support the Wekiva River, the local community and the artists that come there to paint the river. They also offer canoe and kayak rentals so you can enjoy the Wekiva River. Next time you are in the area, won't you stop by and give them your support?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Historic Sanford Florida

This painting is a view from outside my gallery window at Gallery On First in Sanford, FL. We are in the historic area of town. Gallery on First is in a brick building that is over 100 years old. At one point it was a a department store. The shoe shelves are still located along the back wall. A visit to the restroom indicates how old the plumbing is. But it still works and that's what counts. The streets have been redone over the years but they still kept the brick. A few good restaurants are located in the historic and waterfront area and it has more bars than it does restaurants. Sometimes it's hard to gt any painting done.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pines In Snow

On a recent trip to the area in Ohio; where I grew up as a child, I went for a walk in the snow almost every morning I was there. Living in Florida, I had almost forgotten what snow looked and felt like. The cold air during the morning stroll felt good on my face. I was bundled up and my face was the only place left exposed to the elements. The snow flakes sparkled as they passed in front of the darker pine trees. A few strokes of raw sienna emphasized the dead grasses which were the only remains of the plants that grew around the pines all summer long. Now that I am back in Florida, I think of my family and friends often whom are trying to keep warm in the subfreezing temperatures. Meanwhile it will be cold enough here tonight to start a fire in the fireplace. Feel free to come and join me.