Wednesday, December 30, 2009

House Commissions

I am fortunate to get to do commissions of peoples houses. This home is located in Rhode Island. I did the painting for a man as a Christmas Gift for his mother. He grew up in this house. His mother is 93 years young and living in an assisted living home back in Rhode Island. This painting was presented to her as a gift from her son and now she has it hanging above the mantel in her room. I did the painting from a digital photograph that was emailed to me. Adding flowers as requested because his mother had flowers all over the yard, especially in the springtime. If you or someone you know of would like a commission painted for them, have them get in contact with me. I obviously enjoy doing this and it keeps me out of the bars.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another painting I did while in Savannah was along River Street. It was a quiet morning and a cold front had dumped rain the night before onto the streets. It was still drizzling when I set out to paint. A cup of coffee and a donut from the local convenience store seemed like a good way to start the day. I had found a location the day before that was covered by an overhead walkway of a local hotel. After setting up camp I began painting the buildings along River Street. Once a bustling seaport in the wooden ship era, River Street now is a shopping destination for tourists. As the morning went on, I kept painting while it rained intermittently. The wind would slow down at times yet I wished I hadn't left my jacket in the motel room. I created this painting much faster than I would normally paint which helped in creating the abstract shapes and colors. I had to finish quickly, my hands were frozen.