Thursday, November 17, 2011

While looking through old photos at the Sanford Museum I came across a photograph of an old steamboat at dock on Lake Monroe. I was more excited about the foreground with the two small boats and the grass along the lake's edge than I was about the dock. I was especially interested in the way all the little nuances of composition pointed you towards the dock and steamboat. Even the stairs on the right side took you down the steps just to have the small boats take your eye back up to the center of interest. It must have been a great time to live, back in the 1880' before gasoline and automobiles. Wouldn't you rather ride a steamboat than a Greyhound?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Early Morning

I recently took a trip back to Ohio to visit family and friends. In Ohio there is a easel that I keep in my mom's garage so that it will be there each time I return home to visit. I always try to find a few days where I can paint in the area that I knew as a child. This year I spent two weeks there and was able to get over six small paintings completed. I wanted a different viewpoint so I stood inside one barn looking out to another barn on my Uncle's farm. This particular morning started out with a frost on the ground and a fog that didn't lift until after 10:30 in the morning. My painting didn't want to dry fast so I got a lot of interesting soft blends and blurring effects, including the inside of the old barn that formed the outside edges of the painting. I took a walk in the nearby woods as I let the painting have a chance to dry. I watched my cousin bring in few trees with an old tractor that my Uncle will use for heat this winter. That will make another interesting painting. When I returned to my almost dry painting; I put in a few of the bolder colors and indicated some of the near trees and shrubs with some calligraphic strokes of a rigger brush. Finished painting is 16 x 20 on Arches Watercolor board (A new surface material I am trying that does not need a mat and glass when finished.) Doesn't this finished painting remind you of a cool foggy autumn morning?