Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spruce Creek

Sometimes a sky can be bold and beautiful. Many cloud formations make for great paintings. I always wanted to live somewhere that I could watch the clouds pass over the landscape without ever seeing any buildings in sight. For now, I'll just drive out of the city and watch the clouds from one of the local parks I visit. This painting of clouds is from Spruce Creek near New Smyrna, FL. I was doing a demonstration for my class last weekend showing how to paint clouds in the sky. The secret is to paint them loosely and quickly in watercolor. If I spend more than five minutes painting a sky, I think I have overworked it. The rest of the painting was painted rather loosely also. Sometimes; not showing a lot of detail, lets the viewer use their own imagination to connect the dots. And I'm not referring to the birds in the sky. Did you notice them?