Monday, May 9, 2011

Egret & Chicks

One of the most interesting places to paint in Winter Park is Kraft Azalea Gardens. I spent a couple of days painting there during the Winter Park Paint out last week. I was amazed at the number of egret nests that occupied a few select trees in the park. Some of the nests were just twenty feet from the ground. I set up my easel and began painting on the first day. It took three days of painting to finish this project. I kept my camera nearby so I could view the subject up close at the same time I was painting. Some chicks had fallen or were pushed out of their nests too early and were stumbling around the park, trying to find strength to last another day. Others fledglings were were more mature and anxiously awaited the food their parents would bring to them. It was a noisy place to paint. The birds were squawking continuously. Maybe that's why I had to go back three times to finish the painting. That week my painting found a new nest too.