Sunday, October 24, 2010

Two Tugs

The last day of the Jacksonville paintout I went into an area that was mostly warehouses along the St, John's River. Cargo ships would pull along the docks and unload merchandise. Lots of cars from Japan was mostly what I saw. Most places were chain link fences with locked gates. I drove around behind the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium and found these two tug boats anchored for the day. At least I hoped they would not be moving for a few hours that Saturday morning. I usually don't paint things that there of two of, preferring to paint in compositions of three. That is what I was taught. But I have been know to break rules. Two tugs, two buildings and two barrels. Well that makes three subjects that just happen to be in pairs. so I didn't break the rule after all. I think I like this painting the most from my event. Another artist called them a pair of candy canes. I liked tugs because they were different. One round in shape and one more square. I believe one pushes barges and the other pulls. Can you tell which boat pushes barges? This painting is still in a gallery show in Jacksonville.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lancaster Street

I spent a week painting scenes of Jacksonville for the North Florida Land Trust. Along with 40 other artists we painted scenes from Jacksonville and other neighbor cities to raise money for purchasing land in North Florida. They are dedicated to permanently preserving natural areas and special places in North Florida. This year they wanted to keep the activity near the center of downtown thus we created many paintings of parks and historic homes in Jacksonville, Springfield and Riverside. I was traveling the first day looking for possible subjects to paint. I found a nice street scene with older homes in Riverside. I wasn't sure how to paint it until I noticed the sycamore tree, then it became obvious. I enjoy painting trees in landscapes and I also enjoy architecture. So it was easy to combine the two elements into one painting. To my back; as I was doing the painting, was the St. Jonn's River. It was a beautiful street scene on a beautiful October day.