Monday, January 16, 2012

Lake Helen Barn

During the last plein air painting event I attended in Lake Helen I went for a drive through town one morning. I found this little old barn on the outskirts of town. It was one of those old barns that looked like it was about to fall down. Overcome with growth, this barn hadn't been used in years but it stood there as an icon of days past. I stopped my car and did a quick painting. As I was painting, a person stopped by to tell me she saw someone painting that barn some twenty years ago and she purchase the painting from that artist. She was so proud of it she went home and took the painting off the wall and came back to show it to me. The field was full of pink wildflowers. She told me to come back in May and I might see some of the wildflowers at that time. I was especially interested in the white tree that stood out in front of the barn, I painted part of the tree with a masking fluid in the beginning then added a few more small branches with white in the end. I feel like the limbs are reaching out to touch you.