Sunday, July 31, 2011

The cloud formations are a wonderful subject to pint. I wished I lived in a house with a magnificent view of the landscape without the obstruction of other buildings, Well I don't so, I have to drive a few miles to find open areas of land where I can observe the cloud formations. Recently, I went to one of the last little cattle farms around, about three miles from my home. There is a nice place pull off the road and enjoy looking at the pasture. I love the live oak trees in Florida that reach to the ground and then gradually turn upwards again and support the massive tree vegetation. These trees provide ideal shade for a ranchers cattle. My goal for this painting was to paint the sky and the clouds. Don't you think the old oak tree and the cattle added an interesting statement my sky painting?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunset at Treasure Island

Treasure Island is a nice little town on the Gulf of Mexico near St. Petersburg. My wife and I celebrated our thirtieth anniversary there last May. It has a nice wide beach area and a few palms scattered around. I was fortunate to get a few photographs as the sun was setting behind these palm trees. I came back to the studio a few weeks later and did this painting of the sun setting. I liked the way the sun changes the colors of the silhouetted palms tree trunks. They get warmer and lighter as they near area where the sun is brightest. Don't you wish you were here?