Friday, October 23, 2009

Morning Mist

I had a chance to go out painting early when I was staying in Connecticut in October. The fall leaves were just starting to change into their warm autumn hues and there was an early morning mist raising over the river. Hundreds of geese were flying overhead and landing in the field next to the river. I resisted the temptation to add these geese into the painting. I was interested in capturing the look and feel of the early morning mist as well as the reflections of the trees in the slowly moving water. The rocks give you a feeling of where you are standing.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Connecticut Church

I often do a painting for young couples when I am invited to their wedding. Hopefully finding a subject or theme they can both share. In this case I did a painting of the church they were married in on the third of October. This painting was done en plein air on the day of my niece's wedding. There was a 60% chance of rain that day which you can see in the sky I painted. I finished most of the painting in the early morning just before the rain came. It was a beautiful wedding and most of the rain came as we were going from the church to the reception.