Sunday, September 16, 2012

Casa Feliz

This is my most recent commission. The patron picked up the painting this week and took it to Tampa to be framed before he gives it to his wife for her birthday gift. I found out he choose this historic brick building because this was where he and his wife were married. I waited for over a month to be able to go to this location and take reference photographs because it was always cloudy and rainy in the Florida afternoons. We had decided on this side of the building and I wanted the light from the afternoon sun to be lighting up the old bricks. There was finally a day with few clouds in the sky and when I got there; another wedding was being conducted right where I wanted to paint. I had to leave. I did end up going back there the next day and the rain held off so I started my painting. It took a few more days to finish it up. The Casa Feliz is obviously a favorite place for weddings.