Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wekiva River

This is a painting of the Wekiva River I did as a demonstration at the
Central Florida Watercolor Society. The Wekiva River is a 30 mile river starting in two separate fresh water springs in Central Florida and ending in the St. Johns River. I previously did a plein air study at this location and a value sketch to work out the basic composition. My demonstration was to emphasize how I use plein air paintings as reference material for my later studio work. I enjoy adding figures to my work and put the two men in the boat going down the river, just as I had experienced on the day I did the plein air painting.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Winter Park Canal

One of my favorite places to paint is the Winter Park chain of lakes. This painting shows one of the canals that link the chain of lakes together. I enjoy being one of the first boats on the water in the morning. The water is tranquil before the boats and the wind create a disturbance on the surface. One particular morning the sun lite up this boathouse as I was going through the canal. I created this painting in my studio at Gallery on First from a photograph I took that day. This is one of those locations that I just can't stop and paint; due to the boat traffic.