Thursday, June 16, 2011

Marked for Demolition

I drove past this bright green colored house while I was looking for subjects to paint for the Winter Park Paint Out. I noticed this large tree in front of the old green house, then I passed it by. I thought about it as I drove around the block and then came back the second time. Then I noticed the "Marked For Demolition" sign posted on the door. Sometimes the odd subjects stand out and make for an interesting painting, such as this lime colored green house. I couldn't resist painting the houses with the large overgrown trees in front. I knew that this house was probably going to be demolished in the near future so I decided to get out my easel and paint a memory. I enjoyed the way the large overgrown trees partially hid the buildings and how they cast shadows upon the house, sidewalk and the street. I framed the painting that night and it was sold during the Winter Park Paint Out event.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Venetian Canal

This painting shows the bridge over the Venetian Canal in Winter Park, FL. I would love to sit in a boat and attempt to paint this view but I am afraid I might get run over by other boats. If a boat comes from the other direction, one of the boats has to back up out of the canal because the canal isn't wide enough to pass. I enjoyed painting the reflections in the canal of the sky and the green landscape along with the bridge. I was able to splash in different colors and allow them to merge before the watercolor paints dried. I especially liked the overhanging Spanish Moss. Doesn't that give you a feeling you are in the South?