Monday, December 20, 2010

Walk In The Snow

Every year I do a painting of snow. I have lots of old photos for reference from years back when I lived in Ohio and Michigan. I guess I get a little homesick for the snow in winter. However I don't know if I am ready to live in the north again after being in Florida for thirty years. Painting snow in watercolor is not quite as difficult as you think. The snow is actually the white of the paper so all I do is paint the shadows cast on top of the snow or the form shadows on the sides of the snow drifts. Put in a background of a forest and sky. Add a few close up trees and people walking in the snow and the painting is finished. Now wasn't that easy?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Atlantic Center for the Arts

I recently visited the Atlantic Center For The Arts in New Smyrna Beach. It is a quiet place where artists could go to focus on their art in a tranquil, natural environment. The Art Center offers a residency program which brings together internationally-acclaimed master artists from different disciplines with talented artists who are selected by the masters. I stayed with a couple of the administrators of the art center while painting in the Canaveral Paint Out. As a gift I left them a painting of the Pabst Visitor Center & Gallery which is located there. It is nestled amongst pine trees, oaks & palmettos. I enjoyed the way the modern architecture of the building seemed to fit right into the landscape. The morning I created the painting the shadows were dancing across the face of the building. It was one of the moments that a building says: "Paint Me."