Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Folly Beach Shrimp Boat

A few years ago I visited the Charleston S.C. area and spent some time drawing and sketching the shrimp boats of Folly Beach. The boats seem like majestic castles sitting on the water in the tidal flats along the Folly River. There, they are protected by the storms that authors could write about in their maritime novels. Seeing a shrimp boat at dock means the captains and the crew may be taking a little time off until their next adventure. After they have rested and they head off to sea again the dock will be empty, waiting for the next boat to return with their harvest. I looked at my sketches for years before I recently completed this painting. I enjoyed capturing this scene because the crew had deserted the vessel and was replaced by a flock of pelicans. A perfect place to dry-out from their morning dip in the ocean.